Symptoms – Very High Triglycerides

Symptoms - Very High Triglycerides(Hypertriglyceridemia)




The symptoms of very high triglycerides usually correlate with the concurrent disease like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke etc. If the triglyceride levels are to be too high, following symptoms may be observed.


1. Eruptive xanthomas 發疹性黃色瘤


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Xanthoma     clickhere_orange25


2. Fatty Liver and Liver Enlargement 脂肪肝 和 肝腫大




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Hepatomegaly     clickhere_red25


3. Lipemia retinalis 血脂視網膜


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4. Pancreatitis 胰腺炎


If having very high triglyceride levels especially over longer period of time, it may lead to inflammation of pancreas called pancreatitis with following symptoms:

• Fever
• Loss of appetite
• Nausea
• Sudden and severe abdominal pain
• Vomiting

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5. Spleen enlargement

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Splenomegaly     clickhere_orange25



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