5 Signs of ‘Aging’ might indicate a symptom of Diabetes

As growing older, it’s normal feeling sluggish or experiencing some hearing loss.  But these “typical” signs of aging could actually be symptoms of type 2 diabetes.  A lot of people have prediabetes or diabetes for quite some time before it gets diagnosed.  Because diabetes progresses very gradually.  You could feel perfectly fine and have diabetes.

Hearing Loss or Blurred Vision
Diabetes harms blood vessels and nerves, including those in the ears and eyes.  When the blood sugar is higher than normal, it damages the blood circulation.  Eyesight becomes impaired because high blood sugar changes the shape of the lens behind the iris of the eyes affecting the focusing.

Low Energy and Irritability
Type 2 diabetes
Our body needs glucose as fuel to function.  But it is staying in our circulation, not getting into the cells.  Then we are feeling tired, hungry, sluggish, and low energy, because the fuel pathway is NOT working correctly.   The calories from food are processed for use as energy or stored as fat in people with diabetes.  Instead the glucose stays in the blood and is finally excreted in urine.

Frequent Urination and Extreme Thirst
People may urinate more often as getting older.  Diabetes could be a cause. For people with diabetes, sugar in the blood is staying in the bloodstream, not getting into body cells.  The only way to get sugar out of body is to flush it in the urine which dehydrates you making you really thirsty.

Unexplained Weight Loss
Weight loss might be attributable to aging.  But people with uncontrolled diabetes lose weight because they’re not getting all of the fuel from the food instead losing these calories in their urine.

Unusual Symptoms
With aging, hands and feet might feel numb or tingle, skin becoming dry and itchy, or wounds taking a long time to heal.  These signs could actually point to circulation damage caused by long-term diabetes or uncontrolled diabetes.  These symptoms occur on account of the blood vessels and nerves being damaged by the excessive amounts of glucose.  The damage prevents nutrients, fluids, oils and oxygen getting into the body.



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