Prostatism, a urinary tract disorder, primarily starts in older men.  The enlargement of the prostate gland causes to partial or complete urinary obstruction which is known as lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).  Although it is common in older men, people experiencing difficulty urinating should not assume it is a normal part of aging.  It can sometimes be a sign of malignancy 惡性腫瘤 and it is important to have medical evaluation.

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Patients, with prostatism, the prostate gland swells and begins pressing on the urethra 尿道.  Some patients retain urine causing discomfort in the bladder and leading to inflammation and infections.  Others may only suffer urinating difficulty.  Prostatism often causes the urge to urinate while only making a dribble.  Patients can suffer the trouble with weak, intermittent streams of urine, leading to problems like urinating on clothing or floor accidentally.

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Prostate enlargement can also be the result of cancer.  Some prostate cancers grow very slowly.

To investigate prostatism, the doctor may request a urine sample checking for inflammation.  Simultaneously the doctor will perform a physical examination to determine the extent of the enlargement.  Studies with medical imaging are sometimes useful for evaluating the patient’s condition.  The doctor will also take patient’s family history in re of prostate problems, as this could influence decisions about treatment.  If no treatment appears to be necessary, the doctor will monitor the patient for period checking any changes.

Lower urinary tract symptoms 下泌尿道症狀     clickhere_orange25


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