Nocturia is an individual having wake throughout the night to urinate. It is a condition affecting both sex and being more common with age.  Symptoms include the need to rise from sleeping more than once throughout the night, disrupting the normal sleep cycle.  The cause of nocturia include bladder infection, bladder obstruction, high fluid intake, congestive heart failure, untreated diabetes, sleeping disorders, certain medications etc.


Causes of Nocturia
In aged adults, the bladder shrinks in size.  Their bladder could only hold a smaller volume of urine, forcing frequent urinatin duringt the night to empty the bladder. For male it may be a signe of enlarged prostate.  It might be the symptom of urinaary tract infection (UTI) and kidney stones. Nocturia is common among diabetics.  Drinking too much water before toing to bed also might casue nocturia.


Home Care and Natural Remedies for Nocturia
Treatment of nocturia involves regulating the urinary system by balancing liquid intake at night.  If you are thirsty before going to bed, sip a small amount of water. Sleeping with the legs elevated could prevent nocturia.

Grapefruit juice and rice vinegar are benefitial to nocturia.  Reducing caffeine intake is encouraged.


Grapefruit juice
It functions as a powerful antioxidant.  The natural juice contain an enzyme detoxing the blood and circulatory system and relieving symptoms of nocturia.  Grapefruit also delivers important nutrients to the body supporting general health.




Nocturia: Sleep is a Terrible Thing to Waste!




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