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Natural Remedies for Colon Polyps




There are a few different preventions reducing the risk of developing colon polyps. Follow a proper diet, low in fat but high in fruits, veggies, and fiber

  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol
  • Keeping a normal body weight
  • Eat veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower 花椰菜/椰菜花.  They are great treatment for colon polyps, having shown protection against colon cancer in many individuals.
  • Need to try and make sure taking recommended vitamin supplements such as vitamin C, D, and E.  Calcium has also been shown improving colon health.
  • Milk not only will help improving colon health but it will make your bones much stronger, protecting them from weakness and osteoporosis in later life.
  • Colon cleanses are another treatment for colon polyps which you can do once a year. For many colon cleanses this is just a three day liquid fasting which is all natural.
  • Drink fruit and veggie juice to cleanse your system of harsh toxins which attack our bodies daily due to everyday intake.


Some additional natural remedies for colon polyps:

  • Drink green tea
  • Use garlic in cooking.  Garlic has been shown to improve health no matter if you are healthy or have a health condition.
  • Grape seed extract has been shown slowing the progression of colon cancer cells.  If having family history of colorectal cancer, this is one protection way as well as slowing the process of cancer cell development, if any.
  • Another herbal remedy to fight against colon cancer is turmeric herb.  Taking health supplements containing turmeric can help reducing the risk of polyps adhering to the wall of the colon.
  • Ginger is another spice proven to be effective in continued health in the colon. Adding this health food to the diet as a spice can help in the colon cancer prevention. 

Make sure to speak with your physician about treatment for colon polyps.  They will be able providing you other tips and tricks into making sure to keep your body healthy fighting off these cells as much as possible. 


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