Healthy Breads

Healthy Breads




Foods with a high GI (glycemic index) are rapidly digested and absorbed, resulting in a rapid peak in blood glucose levels.  In contrast, low GI foods produce a gradual rise in blood glucose and insulin levels avoiding rapid peaks and troughs.

  • Foods with a low GI are pulses, pasta, oats, some but not all fruits, dairy products and heavy whole grain breads.
  • Foods with a high GI are white and brown bread, rice cakes, cakes, biscuits, sugary drink (including juices), potatoes and some type of rice.
  1. Eat grainy breads made with whole seeds, barley and oats, and pumpernickel instead of white or brown bread.
  2. Eat wheat-based pasta and long-grain rice in place of potatoes and short grained rice, but watch serving size.
  3. Use fat-reduced milk and low-fat yoghurt.

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