Colon Polyps & Diet

Diet - Colon Polyps


Diet to Prevent Colon Polyps


– High-Fiber Foods such as green beans, peas, sweet potato, turnip, carrots, apples, apricots, kiwi, oranges, mango and variety of beans and legumes

– Eating less meat.  When consumed in excess, meat can be harmful.  The meat fat, when broken down by digestive juices, possesses the capacity to turn into carcinogenic substances which can cause cancer in some animals in experiments.


Colon Polyp Prevention Diet

– Eat Foods That Contain Curcumin (薑黃素) or Quercetin (槲皮素)
– Reduce Fat Intake Especially from Animal Fat
– Ensure a Sufficient Intake of Vitamin D (liver, egg yolks, fish)
– Maintain a Diet with an Appropriate Calcium-to-Magnesium Ratio
– Eat Foods That Contain Sulphoraphane (蘿蔔硫素)

1) Sulforaphane is a compound that is formed when broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and other cruciferous vegetables are chewed or chopped.

2) Foods High in Quercetin 槲皮素

3) Curcumin 薑黃素
An orange-yellow crystalline powder extracted from the spice turmeric.  The scientific name for curcumin is curcuma longa.  Curcumin is beneficial as a food additive and nutritional supplement that relieves medical ailments associated with pain and inflammatory bowel disease.


Calcium-to-Magnesium Ratio



Foods That Help Prevent Colon Polyps
– Arugula 芝麻
– Broccoli
– Garlic
– Onions
– Red Peppers
– Spinach
– Turmeric 姜黄



Sulforaphane’s Role in Cancer Prevention


Nutrigenomics, Epigenetics & Sulforaphane
營養基因學, 表觀遺傳學 和 蘿蔔硫素 




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