Body Clock

Our Body Clock
 (the Biological Clock)




Human body clock is a small group of cells built with unique “body clock” genes.  These cells switch on and off informing other parts of the body the time and the instruction for performing a job.  Actually most organs of human being have their own internal body clock cells as well.



According to Hayflick limit human cell population will continue to divide for 120 years until cell division stops.  120-year is the boundary.  Cell division will stop to function after that period.  In another word human beings can live 120 years???

It is because of disease and bad management on our health, such as lack of proper vitamin, inappropriate lifestyle etc., causing us making early departure from the Earth.

How to go beyond Hayflick limit?  For the time being there is NO solution except we have panacea!!!



根據 海佛烈克極限 人體細胞的群體不停分裂 120年,直到細胞分裂停止. 120年 是極限. 在此極限時間後 細胞分裂就會停止. 換句話說 人類可以活 120年???

因為疾病 和 我們對自己健康管理不善之故,如缺乏正確維生素, 不適當之生活方式 等等, 導致我們提早離開地球.

如何能超越 海佛烈克極限? 暫時沒有解決辦法,除非我們有 靈丹妙藥 (仙丹)!!!

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Hayflick limit


Chapter 10 Podcast 8: Telomeres & the Hayflick Limit


What’s a Telomere
Why is it Important to the Aging Process

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Telomeres and Aging





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